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There is no “New SEO” or “SEO 2.0″ or Whatever

Old and New opposition. Concept 3D illustration.Old stuff gets re-packaged and renamed often on the web. Google does updates and suddenly everyone is telling you that you have to hire someone to take care of it right away. A new thing comes along and suddenly there are experts everywhere, seemingly overnight. You have to see the big picture. Two things are true on the web. Everything changes and nothing changes.

For instance; Describe the term “social networking”. Sharing information, pictures and video with friends, keeping in touch with friends, making new friends, networking with others, offering to help others, etc.

social-bookmarking-serviceWhat were we doing in forums and chat rooms in the 90’s and even before that? Sharing information and pictures, video not so much with friends, keeping in touch with friends, making new friends, networking with others, offering to help others, etc.

It became social media when FaceBook and others came along and more people started sharing, but networking and staying in touch was always there. Actually there before the Internet where we went to events, breakfasts and other chamber of commerce type meetings.

300px-Seo-blocks2The term SEO came along around 1997. The first to coin the term as far as I know was John Audette and his company Multimedia Marketing Group. The domain was registered on September 15, 1997. By the end of 1998, Google had an index of about 60 million pages. Their home page was marked as beta. Before Google became a search portal, Yahoo relied on them for their search results. it used to say “Powered by Google” on Yahoo’s page.

But before 1997, there were already search engines like Alta Vista, Magellan, Lycos, Hot Bot and others. Google just improved on it. They didn’t invent search. So, again, things continue to get reinvented.

SEO optimization. 3D illustration. IsolatedBack to the “New SEO” or SEO 2.0″. Every few years rumors that SEO is dead come along and always prove to be false. As far as changing what you need to do to perform SEO changing, it has always evolved and always will. Techniques and methods change, but it’s still just SEO. But if you read recent posts and read about Google’s Hummingbird update, you’d think this was the first time SEO has been affected by Google’s ongoing effort to provide relevant search to users.

For years now, google has tried very hard to eliminate spam and irrelevant results from their search results and they continue to do that. They want the cream to rise to the top. Great content is still king. Google wants to find great content and rank it higher than poorly written or irrelevant content. it’s that simple.

Digital marketingThe updates Google does affect people who try to use shortcuts, cheat or who try to spend as little as possible for their marketing. If Google updates are hurting your website, then whoever is doing your marketing, building your links and writing your content are not doing a very good job.

I’m not saying everyone affected is trying to cheat the system. Some just don’t know any better. They read somewhere that joining a link wheel or building a bunch of keyword-rich backlinks will rank a website better in Google and away they go, selling those methods to every client they can get. it’s no different today. Many SEOs read the same blogs that are written by well-known people. Then they all run out and do whatever they said was right to do.

follow-the-leaderThe problem with that, is everyone jumping on the same bandwagon and doing the same thing. First, if everyone is doing the same thing, where is your advantage over your competitors?

Secondly, If enough people do it and it manipulates the search results, Google changes their algorithm to counteract it and suddenly it’s not working anymore and once again, new methods with brand new names are invented, written about, and a bunch of SEO companies run out and  start selling it.

If it works, Google changes again, and the methods change again. it goes round and round and round and round . . .

There are only three things to focus on. Traffic, Leads, and Sales. Read More.


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The Rumors of the Death of Page Rank are Greatly Exaggerated


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With Google not allowing 3rd party tools to give you Page Rank information a lot of people are speculating that Google is discontinuing Page Rank altogether. Google already hampers the ability for 3rd party tools and sites to display link popularity and search engine saturation, so it’s no real surprise they are doing this with Page Rank as well.

So all of you people out there selling links on PR whatever sites are still safe to keep convincing people that it really helps their SEO.

Personally, I uninstalled the Google Toolbar more than a year ago because I don’t care about Page Rank at all. Link building that is based on the PR of the site that links to you is worthless. Getting 100% original content placed on high-traffic websites is much more valuable. Getting a link from a page that already has related content and traffic is more valuable.

Page Rank isn’t officially dead. It’s just almost entirely irrelevant.

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