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Giving GoDaddy Hosting with CPanel a Failing Grade

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Seriously, GoDaddy has historically provided poor hosting services, especially where database driven websites are concerned. Before you jump to their defense, They hired a new guy from Yahoo to run their hosting, James Carroll a year ago, and the first thing he said was we need to fix the hosting problems Godaddy is known for.

So, they added hosting with CPanel. CPanel has been standard with most hosting companies that offer Linux Hosting for many years. GoDaddy is just now basically admitting they should have been doing it all along.

With CPanel, you can easily move your website from one hosting company to another or from one server to another. CPanel to CPanel transfers are simple to do. But if your website host did not include CPanel with your hosting package, moving to hosting with CPanel is much more difficult.

Here’s the problem. GoDaddy added Hosting Packages that offer CPanel with no plan in place to migrate those who have been hosting with GoDaddy for years  to the new platform. So, basically, GoDaddy is offering the CPanel Hosting to people they sell to now and their current customers can just live with it or move the sites to new hosting themselves.

I just got off the phone with them and a client in a 3-way conversation. The client has several accounts with them and has been a loyal customer for more than 4 years. What we were told was “It’s a difficult to move a database driven website, so we don’t offer to move sites to the upgraded hosting with CPanel. But you can move it yourself”

Translation; It’s too hard for our guys to do it, so you have to do it yourself.

if you know more than the people at your hosting company, you’re at the wrong hosting company. They may as well call it DIY Hosting. I recommend Hostgator and I’m not even using my affiliate link to recommend it to you. Hostgator will likely have to charge you something to do the move, but they have people there who actually know how to do it.

They do CPanel to CPanel moves for free for new customers or if you are upgrading to a different pages. But since your current GoDaddy Hosting doesn’t likely have CPanel, there may be a charge. You can check their prices here.

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